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Bride in all her regalia and styled hair

Look like the main event, feel like the main event

If you’re the belle of the ball then you’ll want to look and feel the part. The Hair Team in Stoke-on-Trent are ready and waiting to work our magic and make sure your bridal hair or your prom hair is on point. Book an appointment today.

You don’t just want drop-dead gorgeous hair

Your hair is going to do a lot of work, after all. Sure, it needs to look amazing. But it also needs to harmonise with your dress. Retain its shape on the journey to the venue. Hold together throughout the event. Survive the hours of dancing. And when the phones and the cameras come out - when the flash photography kicks into gear - you want to be confident enough in your hair that you’re excited for the photos. It’s the kind of styling that The Hair Team was made for.

Young lady with styled hair and purple dress
Beautiful young bride with styled dark hair

Bride to be?

When you’re front and centre, you want to KNOW that your hair is killing it. We can make sure that it does. Tell us what you’re looking to do and our personal service will move heaven and earth to deliver on it. Need a stylist for mum? Your bridesmaids? Your flower girls? However big your bridal party, our hair stylists can take care of all the hairdressing.

Future prom queen?

You want to look stunning on the night. And while you’ve picked out the dress and the makeup, you’re not sure what hairstyle is going to make it all come together. Whether you’re coming in blind or you’ve got a picture from a magazine, we can take on board what you’re wanting to do and deliver a hairstyle that turns heads and keeps its shape.

Two young women in evening wear standing on a balcony
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Bride and bridesmaids

Why our hairdressers?

  • Free consultation

  • Experienced, trained hair stylists

  • Personal service

  • European hair styling options

  • Friendly salon

  • Get silkier, smoother hair with the help from the Revlon Professional range

For a free consultation on our wedding or prom hair service, call The Hair Team on 01782 782293 or 01782 782710

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